1. different, dissimilar, unlike, unalike, unaffinitive; entirely or completely or totally different, contradistinct, contrastive, contrary, as different as day and night; distinct, separate, discrete; disparate, divergent, diverse, deviant, variant, very far apart; discrepant, inconsistent, incongruous, inharmonious, inconsonant, discordant, dissonant, incompatible; unanalogous, noncorresponding, noncor-respondent, nonequivalent, unequal, incommensurable, incommensurate, like apples and oranges.
2. unconnected, noncognate, nonaffinitive, irrelative, unrelative, nonrelative, nonrelated; irrelevant, inapposite, nongermane, impertinent, beside the point or mark or question, Inf. off base, Inf. off the beam; inapplicable, inappropriate, malapropos; extraneous, foreign, alien, immaterial, insignificant, inconsequential, neither here nor there.

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